CAT Ingeniuerbüro M. Zipperer GmbH
CAT Ingenierbüro M. Zipperer GmbH
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Dosing systems


A series of  Microdosing-Pumps with high accuracy cover almost all metering applications in the laboratory. Different control systems from a basic analogue controller up to a programmable microprocessor control unit are available.
Various types and sizes of pumpheads, with and without rinse port, afford dosages from 1 µl up to 400 ml/min.

The Multi-channel pump “Tower II” is developed for special dosing tasks in laboratory and Pilot-Process applications.

Another specialty is our „Pulse-free“ range of pumps, a further development of the HPLH pumps for applications where a pulsing flow of a common piston pump will disturb.

For customers who wish to build their own dosing station we provide OEM components and assemblies consisting of pump modules, controller boards, operation units and/or remote controllers.


HPLH 200
HPLH 300
HPLH 1000

HPLH PF „pulse-free“

HPLH 20 PF   
HPLH 200 PF 

Multi-Channel Pumps

„Tower II“
Multi-Channel Pumps

Lab Pump

DP 200


Power supplies
Control modules

OEM-Micrometering System Modules

Ingenieurbüro CAT pumps are also available in modular form, enabling special configurations to be assembled for inclusion within OEM systems such as robotic and production machines. There is a wide variety of drive units, PCB control boards and pump heads, available with and without piston rinse ports.

System designers can take advantage of CAT's fully programmable, microprocessor remote controllers, as well as their versatile “LabControl for Windows“ software by writing application - specific programs.

For further information please contact our application department. We will offer you customized proposals for your specific application.
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